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      I think there are a lot of factors to consider, like the brand that you have, and do you wait for the dryer to turn off and then put a new load in, so that it has to re-heat.

      Time the total dry time (and probably not the cool down cycle) to dry the full load, then time it for the half loads. See which one is faster.

      I imagine it would come out close, but am not sure. if running twice takes longer then it would take more energy especially if you allow it to cool down in between.

      I just bought a front-loader and it spins the water out so well I don’t deal with them not drying in once cycle.. and we do some heavy loads….

      My Thoughts.

      Marguerite Lattimore wrote: I figured you guys wouldknow best. my mother and I have had an arguement from aslong as I can remember. When she washes, she’ll wash a full load then divide it in half to dry it. I say that it takes more energy to do 2 loads, she says they dry faster and the2 take less energy than one, any comments?

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