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      I have done the same thing at times.

      Whenever I do jeans, I hang several pair on the line. It

      takes a lot of time and energy to dry heavy jeans.

      I do dry towels in smaller loads for the same reason. I

      like them to be dried in the dryer, at least partly, but

      they are heavy and take a long time to dry.

      My washer holds a large amount and there is plenty of room

      for the clothes to get cleaned in one single load.

      However, the dryer seems to work more efficiently by the

      same token – not stuffed to the gills, so the clothes and

      other items can toss freely. So, I do not usually dry the

      full wash load in one dryer load, if that makes sense.

      I have an electric dryer. A gas dryer is more efficient,

      in my opinion, in that it drys clothes faster. When our

      dryer is done in years to come, I will look at replacing it

      with a gas version.


      — Marguerite Lattimore <> wrote:

      > I figured you guys would know best. my mother and

      > I have had an arguement from as long as I can

      > remember. When she washes, she’ll wash a full load

      > then divide it in half to dry it. I say that it takes

      > more energy to do 2 loads, she says they dry faster and

      > the 2 take less energy than one, any comments?







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