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      I usually just read these posts but I feel I have to respond to this one.

      My name is Linda and I am living in Philadelphia, PA. 40 years old and

      yes, I learned (and still am, darn it) things the hard way.

      I had a nervous breakdown and refinanced the house twice within a

      year, lost my job because the ex-boyfriend who was mentally,

      emotionally, and (finally) physically abused, called the people I

      worked with and started harassing them and telling them lies. Due to

      the bad decisions I made while under that type of influence and losing

      my job for six months, I may lose my home. I bought the house 10 years

      ago and my payment was $320. After all the refinancing over the years

      it is now (are you sitting down?) $1,471. My lawyer believes that

      there were unlawful lending practices involved and that if it was a

      “real” application I would have never been approved. No-document loans

      and the appraisers were in on it (they would NEVER have appraised my

      home at the price it was appraised for except to qualify me for the

      loan).I am also bi-polar which didn’t help matters at all. I am hoping

      for a 40 year mortgage at best.

      I read the original post and I have to say that what Walmart did is

      illegal. they are not allowed to release a worker due to pregnancy.

      that is discrimination. if the job that she did was too physical they

      are to find her a comparable job for the time of the pregnancy and

      hold that job for up to one year under the family medical leave act

      (flma). it shouldn’t matter if she was part time or not either. i

      would check into that. flma is federal.

      as for the license situation, more and more americans are having a

      hard time getting licenses. my boyfriend is from jersey. you have to

      have six points of id. all he wanted was a duplicate. he had to have

      some form of mail with that address on it. his ex girlfriend isn’t

      going to give him his mail, now will she? i thought perhaps he could

      put a hold on the mail and pick it up. all he wanted to do was get his

      license and put it in pa.

      i can’t imagine why she would have to take the test over again, that

      doesn’t seem fair. i am unfamiliar as to how that works in those

      states. in pa once you take the test that is it. i am sure that if it

      expires you may need to take the test again. i hated taking that test.

      i was a nervous wreck. and i agree with chrissy, have her take in tn

      to avoid all the hassle.

      i wish her good luck and congrats on the baby!


      — in, Chrissy Grimes wrote:


      > I had a friend who had a similar situation with the out of state

      driver’s license. I think she will have to take the driver’s test

      again to get her license, but instead of doing it in Carolina and then

      transfer it to tn, she should just save the additional expense and

      take the test in tn. it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to take the

      test (assuming she’s been driving enough for experience). she should

      check with the tenn dmv to see what would be required. she’ll need

      her birth certificiate, but i’m not sure what else. good luck!


      > chrissy

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Need advice Sorry so long hope it makes sense.