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      What is psp? for me psp is paint shop pro, lol… i have heard of myspace as 2 of my daughters have accounts and keep in touch with freinds with that.

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      i do not know much about myspace, only what my friends have told me about it. you can create your own myspace account & then you can become his “friend” and check what’s on there (blog entries, people who are also his “friends”, etc). usually you can become his “friend” by entering his last name/email address.

      obviously you know his last name 🙂 so go that route.

      i refuse to spend the $$ on psp so my dd does not have one. if i remember correct the reason i absolutely refused to buy her one was because of articles i read online about kids going on line with them & at 11 I plain out didn’t trust her curiosity to even entertain the idea of the purchase.

      jacqui c.a mean mom in ne georgia

      on mon, aug 11, 2008 at 1:02 am, m f <> wrote:

      i have a 16 yr old who is limited on the internet. He needs a password to get on to the computer. At times when he insists on going on the internet and I won’t let him, he goes off to his room or in the tub.

      At that time I can’t seem to find his psp. i am wondering if he is able to use it to get on myspace/internet. we have wireless internet service.

      he is overall a good kid. i know his whereabouts, no substence abuse, is in sports and is now working, does well in school, etc. and then there is that but.

      his sister who is now 20 tells me every now and then that if I had not kept a close eye on her, she doesn’t know where she would be today.

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