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      Hi everybody, hosting a bridal shower Sat. and trying to use up stuff on hand. I have some square flat bread in freezer, cream cheese, shredded cheddar and lots of honey ham lunchmeat. want to do those little spiral thing-a-ma-jigs but what I have sounds kind of bland. Any ideas to spice it up? what kind of seasoning could be added to the cream cheese to go well with honey ham? what else could be rolled in to make them interesting and pretty? Thanks for any suggestions.

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      If your ham is thin sliced, I have taken it an spread the cream cheese on the meat, then roll up into a log and cut into chunks and stick a toothpick in for a great little appetizer.
      I will have to do a little thinking on this for a recipe, sorry 🙂

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      I have used a dash of Italian seasoning on what you described and it was pretty good.

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      Dh mixes cream cheese with chopped greens or Basil, spreads thinly on ham & rolls it up. Put in fridge for an hour or so thin slice into pinwheels. Every buddy loves this.

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      makes sence to put the cream cheese over the ham so it will stick to the bread. I have dried basil and italian spices at home so I’ll use those in the cream cheese. Thank you for your suggestions, everybody on this board is so helpful.

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      Or you could go another direction and add a little Tabasco sauce and chopped green chilies with the cream cheese. Have fun!

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      Dill would go well with ham.

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      I mix a little ranch mix in my cream cheese, and add juillianne carrots, cucumber, red pepper, orange pepper to the middle. Roll up and slice into pinwheels. Kind of like shushi rolls with ham or turkey meat instead of rice 🙂

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      Thanks for all the great ideas,they were so easy to make and they went pretty quick at the shower. Plan to make a variety with all the great suggestions for some holiday parties. Love the easy to make stuff!!!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes need advice for roll up appetizer sandwiches