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      at Wal-Mart (or someplace similar). They actually sell some stuff there
      that is a temporary fix to put crowns back on. Of course right now I can’t
      remember what it’s called!!

      It’s together with some other
      teeth cleaning utensils – they actually sell some serious stuff over the counter
      that dental hygienists are trained to use. Making sure your tooth is dry
      (use a washcloth or even a hair dryer!!) is the most important thing to watch
      out for.

      Of course, it’s still very important
      that you go see your dentist within a couple of weeks – they may be able
      to put the crown back on. But this should be a temporary fix for you
      until you can get in.

      Sheridan in OK

      Original Message

      I just had a crown come clean off of my tooth.

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