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      My best advice to you is see if there is a dental clinic in your area that goes on income. If it were me I would not go regardless but I have a very high pain tolerance level and would rather see my husband and daughter go to the dentist if money were tight. A few times I know I should have went but like you money was so tight.

      My tooth dissolved and split from my filling in the back and it hurt realy bad until the tooth finally fell off. Another time I got an abcess and suffered it out until it healed. This is not a great idea but I had limited money and made sure my daughter’s needs were taken care of first. If it doesn’t hurt you then there is really no rush so you would be able to check around for a dental clinic or simply call and ask, sometimes dentists will take a hard luck story and give you discounted or free services.

      Michele wrote: I just had a crown come clean off of my tooth. ( been there for around
      10 years). I do not have the money to have it redone.

      help!! what
      do all of you budget minded people do to save money at the dentist??
      i don’t have any insurance.

      the tooth underneath was a root canal, so there is not pain at this
      point. i am just wondering if anyone has any money saving ideas.


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