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      — Michele <> wrote:

      > I just had a crown come clean off of my tooth. (

      > been there for around

      > 10 years). I do not have the money to have it

      > redone. help!! what

      > do all of you budget minded people do to save money

      > at the dentist??

      > i don’t have any insurance.

      shelly –

      i had a tooth break off today, so i can understand and

      sympathize. i don’t have insurance, either. in

      november i had to have a root canal and crown, which

      wasn’t cheap ($1600). I had done some research on

      dentists (cheap, sliding scale, etc.) and if I lived

      close to a dental school I may have gone that route

      but I live too far away. My dentist was willing to

      work with me on payment – he allowed me to make

      payments over several months rather than all at once

      and they never asked me if I wanted to apply for the

      dental credit card.

      I don’t really have any good advice, other than

      perhaps you could find a dentist that is willing to

      work with you on payments (without making you go

      through the credit company that will charge interest,

      etc.). I just finished paying my dental bill off last

      month and will have to start all over again 🙁

      Good luck!!


      Krista Fleming

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