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      Does your daughter live in a metropolitan area? I used to do so many things. I used to make up cards on my computer advertising whatever I was looking for at the time, ages, times, prices, tell about what we do all day etc.

      I’d make them bit 5 by 8 cards, colorful and sort of like a very small brochure. Then I would go to the grocery stores and buy the sale items and keep an eye out for kids. I’d offer the card to people.

      Some snubbed me. Others asked questions on the spot. But the majority put the card away and sometimes I heard from them months later.

      I also advertise in the paper DAILY for a month when I need kids. It’s expensive, but it always nets me whatever I need and I have to turn people away. Advertising on Sunday alone is almost always a waste.

      People find out about jobs during the week and they get mad at their providers during the week and they open the paper to see who is advertising.

      She needs to check out the laws of her state and make sure she can take care of a few without being licensed and then start that process if she needs to or wants to.

      It’s difficult to get that first few. But once she does it will all fall into place.

      Magnets for the car are pretty cheap. I’ve made them for my van at times. Tell her to have confidence and never call herself a babysitter.

      Always go into interviews with the attitude that she is interviewing them. Talk about what they will do during the day and how that child will fit into the schedule. Use a sales technique called assuming the sale.

      Ask when she intends to start and does she want the husband to come by first. Often the husbands don’t come at all. But this gives her a chance to assume the sale.

      She’s welcome to email me personally at:


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