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      I do childcare. She should join one or two of the many of the childcare yahoo lists. They have lots of great ideas on how to advertise.

      Have her join a childcare support group in her area, they have referral lists. lots of people advertise on craigslist. Child resource and referals in her area should have classes on marketing, etc. T

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      Hi, my sister does this and I worked for a little while in a daycare center. I would advise her to print up a sheet for each child everyday. Check the child in front of the parents for bruises and bumps.

      Check diaper area, make sure child doesn't feel likewarm (fever).Feel the head for bumps if it is a toddler. Have the parent sign the check in sheet…it is so important in the event there could be child abuse and someone tries to blame her!
      My sister found one child at her church and word of mouth gave her 5! She charges 100.00 a week bring their own food and snacks, 7:30-5:00..

      late fees if they are late.. discussed ahead of time.

      She lives in Florida.

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      From: Lynne


      Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 3:01 pm

      Subject: : need advice….

      My daughter Melissa is trying to start a daycare so she can be home
      with her son. She is great with kids and have always loved babysitting
      but cannot seem to get any kids in her home. Any suggestions of how to

      bring in kids, pricing, advertising etc would be greatly appreciated.
      Also any other ideas for earning money at home are always welcome.


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