Neat and Cheap costume idea!!

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Neat and Cheap costume idea!!

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      Last minute idea came to me the day of Halloween. A few years back when my kids were still young enough to go trick or treating I needed a costume idea quick!! Well I came up with a “Box of PopCorn”.

      I took an old pizza box (ex-large) and cut it in half. Painted the inside of the box white and red strips (used my sons magic markers) then wrote in black marker – “Pop’s Secret” and under that I wrote “Big Popping bag”.

      I found some old cardboard from a shoe box, cut that to give it “shoulders”, tied the sides together with yellow string. Sprayed the shoulders with spray glue and also sprayed an old hat too. Popped a bag of butter flavored popcorn – the put (glued) the popcorn on the hat and the shoulders of the box.

      Put some white tights on my son and hung the costume on my him. He looked so adorable!! The best part was when he would go to a door and knocked, When the people would answer the door he would hollar “Pop Pop Pop!!”

      He is great!!

      Thanks for reading!!

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      That does sound simple enough. Glad to hear your son is such a good sport!!

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      I was fun to make cause we laughed the whole time….he smelled so much like butter !!


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      @faxonfive 82321 wrote:

      Last minute idea came to me the day of Halloween. A few years back when my kids were still young enough to go trick or treating I needed a costume idea quick!! Well I came up with a “Box of PopCorn”.

      What a totally adorable idea! If you have a photo of him, I would love to add it to the site. Halloween is my Favorite holiday- it’s all about spontaneity and having fun. Thanks for sharing!

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      Let me take a look to see where I put them. Thanks Liss!!!

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      Last year, My daughter wanted to be a ballerina, but we didn’t have the money to splurge on a new costume. We put her in Pink Sunday school tights… her dance costume (she had gotten for christmas), and for the head, well she decided she would be a bicycle riding ballerina princess, so her tiara was her helmet!

      We had a free costume, and she loved it. It was such a cute costume that we actually put the picture in the photo calandars we made for everyone for christmas that year.

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      Flutter, that sounds totally adorable too!

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      I try to incorporate home made into all of their costumes 🙂

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      That sounds WONDERFUL!! Very ingenious!!! I bet she is gorgeous!!!

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      I am not arrogant, but yes both my girls are gorgeous! LOL!

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      No your not arrogant – your a proud mother who knows the truth!!! 🙂

      I think my three kids are gorgeous too!!!

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      Liss I couldnt find a picture …. sorry!!! 🙂

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      flutterbye0419, Arrogant not —- Very proud parent… I have two very handsome young guys that I’m proud of…. And I let them know everyday…

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      that was very sweet of you to say! thanks a bunch! by the way, we spent all of 30 on the two girls for their costume.

      we have the jeans, vest, shirt, bandanna for maddie’s harley baby costume, i had to get her some boots. we have the tank, jean jacket, skirt, belt, and leggings for kenzie, just had to pick up the hannah montanna wig and boots. i thought it was a good deal for 2 complete costumes!

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      That is a bargain…..I would love to see pictures of your girls!!!

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      Hope the halloween pictures will be pouring into this site. It’s a fun time of the year for the childern..Just fun for everyone…

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      My hubby came home tonight and told me of something he heard today at work on the radio, I think. A woman came up with a cool costume by collecting up those small cereal boxes and she made a costume with them by drizzling red paint for “blood” and made slits in the boxes with a knife. She attached them to her clothing(I didn’t get the whole story, but you get the idea-maybe attach them to a homemade costume or sweat suit?)
      Anyway, she was a “cereal killer”!

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      to cute—- i fell into that one deep. lollll


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      That is really cute!!! Took me a minute too!!

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      Karen and her Hubby get two tumbs up for this one….

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      I agree Kudoos to Karen & Hubby!!!

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      That’s such a great costume idea…I love the creativity and inexpensiveness of it. I usually make costumes for my two girls, but this year I’ve been a little lazy. I found their costumes online for pretty cheap with coupon codes.

      Happy Halloween! :great:

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      Halloween is definitely all about being original. You don’t want to have that costume that 10 people have, it is just awkward and lame. I decided it’s more fun to wear funny costumes, rather then scary ones.

      I think it makes Halloween more fun. Tell me what you think of these costumes I found. I don’t know which one to be.

      Halloween Costume Ideas

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Neat and Cheap costume idea!!