NCG for weight loss

Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans NCG for weight loss

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      I started using HCG injections for weight-loss in 2010. Inside of 11 months I went from 369 to 255…115lbs. In April will start round 5 of my injections.

      I go thru ClinicalHCGDiet to get my pre-mixed kits. Losing this way does cost, but its an investment in savings later imho.

      the only counsel i feel i have to stress is, dont plan on just losing weight, or it wont work. use it as an opportunity and an aid to break the bonds of emotional eating and to learn about what truly good nutrition is. you have to change you…there are no magic pills.

      farmschooler in ok

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      A friend of mine recently used this method as well and she lost a considerably amount of weight, however, I was floored by the fact that the shots are extremely high in calories and they limit you to 400 calories per day of actual food while taking them.

      Another thing she went through was a Major Vitamin D deficiency which she discovered by extreme leg cramps/pain- which is a fairly common side effect of the HCG shots (just google HCG Leg Cramps).

      I’m not really sure how many rounds she went through.

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Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans NCG for weight loss