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      >>you think it’s all gone but the bacteria is still floating around which is
      >>why they say to take the antibiotics for 10 days to make sure you have
      >>completely wiped out the bacteria.<< I was also going to say, as an alternative, Fresh garlic is a natural

      For adults, Take two cloves of raw garlic.
      Mince it finely, put on a spoon, and swallow with water. Do this with each
      meal for a total of 6 cloves daily. 2 cloves will equal approximately 1

      At 6 cloves daily, you have reached the strength of an antibiotic
      or antiviral agent.

      For children, adjust dosage per body weight. General guidelines are:

      a.. ages 2-4 years 2 cloves daily
      b.. ages 4-9 years 3 cloves daily

      ages 9-12 years 4 cloves daily
      d.. ages 12 years to adults 6 cloves daily
      Administer the garlic in three sessions per day. The raw garlic is the
      most effective over and above any of the best quality tablets.

      If you choose to take a garlic supplement, choose a product that uses a
      quick cool-dried process which results in a powder with all the original
      sulfides present. Because of the processing of garlic oil capsules, crushed
      garlic, conventional high-heat drying and tableting, freeze-dried tableting,
      and aged odorless processing, these products lack the effectiveness that the
      sulfide allicin can have.

      If garlic worked like the antibiotics we have, we would need to worry
      about bacteria developing a resistance to garlic. However, to date, there is
      no proof that bacteria form resistance to garlic. Studies done by Dr.
      Michael Jackson at the University of California at Davis have shown that
      bacteria do not develop resistance to garlic.

      It is apparent that garlic
      works more on the offensive attack principle, similar to our own antibodies
      that our immune system produces, and not on the siege principle which our
      antibiotic medicines work from. We have been given a very powerful tool to
      add to our nutritional arsenal in fighting infections naturally.

      Again **Disclaimer**- I’m not a Dr., you are responsible for your own well

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Health & Home Remedies Natural Remedies, Was Earache