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      Re: Budget101.com : RE: Ear Pain/Sinuses

      Belladonna is a natural sedative, and is often used as a natural
      sleep aid. It is also a natural narcotic, and can be addictive.

      Here’s some information on the uses and doses of Belladonna, aka
      Deadly Nightshade.

      —Medicinal Action and Uses—
      Narcotic, diuretic, sedative, antispasmodic, mydriatic. Belladonna
      is a most valuable plant in the treatment of eye diseases, Atropine,
      obtained during extraction, being its most important constituent on
      account of its power of dilating the pupil. Atropine will have this
      effect in whatever way used, whether internally, or injected under
      the skin, but when dropped into the eye, a much smaller quantity
      suffices, the tiny discs oculists using for this purpose, before
      testing their patient’s sight for glasses, being made of gelatine
      with 1/50000 grain of Atropine in each, the entire disk only
      weighing 1/50 grain.

      Scarcely any operation on the eye can safely be
      performed without the aid of this valuable drug. It is a strong
      poison, the amount given internally being very minute, 1/200 to
      1/100 grain. As an antidote to Opium, Atropine may be injected
      subcutaneously, and it has also been used in poisoning by Calabar
      bean and in Chloroform poisoning.

      It has no action on the voluntary
      muscles, but the nerve endings in involuntary muscles are paralysed
      by large doses, the paralysis finally affecting the central nervous
      system, causing excitement and delirium.

      The various preparations of Belladonna have many uses. Locally
      applied, it lessens irritability and pain, and is used as a lotion,
      plaster or liniment in cases of neuralgia, gout, rheumatism and
      sciatica. As a drug, it specially affects the brain and the bladder.
      It is used to check excessive secretions and to allay inflammation
      and to check the sweating of phthisis and other exhausting diseases.

      Small doses allay cardiac palpitation, and the plaster is applied to
      the cardiac region for the same purpose, removing pain and distress.

      It is a powerful antispasmodic in intestinal colic and spasmodic
      asthma. Occasionally the leaves are employed as an ingredient of
      cigarettes for relieving the latter. It is well borne by children,
      and is given in large doses in whooping cough and false croup.

      For its action on the circulation, it is given in the collapse of
      pneumonia, typhoid fever and other acute diseases. It increases the
      rate of the heart by some 20 to 40 beats per minute, without
      diminishing its force.

      It is of value in acute sore throat, and relieves local inflammation
      and congestion.

      Hahnemann proved that tincture of Belladonna given in very small
      doses will protect from the infection of scarlet fever, and at one
      time Belladonnna leaves were held to be curative of cancer, when
      applied externally as a poultice, either fresh or dried and

      Belladonna plasters are often applied, after a fall, to the injured
      or sprained part. A mixture of Belladonna plaster, Salicylic acid
      and Lead plaster is recommended as an application for corns and

      —Preparations and Dosages—

      Powdered leaves, 1 to 2 grains.
      Powdered root, 1 to 5 grains.
      Fluid extract leaves, 1 to 3 drops.
      Fluid extract root, B.P., 1/4 to 1 drop.
      Tincture, B.P., 5 to 15 drops.
      Alkaloid Atropine, Alcoholic extract, B.P., 1/4 to 1 grain.
      Green extract, B.P., 1/4 to 1 grain.
      Juice, B.P., 5 to 15 drops.
      Liniment, B.P. Plaster, B.P. and U.S.P.

      Ointment, B.P.

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