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      Do you have a remedy for roaches?

      Liss wrote:

      Whether in the garden, yard or in the house, all of us have at one
      time or another had to deal with pests. Here are some ways to get rid
      of insects and other pests without spending a lot on expensive

      1. For garden pests, make a mixture of 1
      tablespoon liquid
      dishwashing soap and 1 cup of cooking oil. Mix about 3 tablespoons of
      this concentrate with a quart of water in a pump bottle, and spray it
      on the plants.

      Another recipe for insect control: soak citrus rind
      (lemon, orange, grapefruit) in water for a few days. Pour the water
      into a pump bottle and spray on plants.

      2. Sprinkle cayenne pepper around plants to keep cats away.

      3. Cucumber peel on a kitchen shelf will deter ants. You can also try
      washing or spraying your cabinets with vinegar and water.

      4. Basil is a natural insect repellent. Keep a pot in your kitchen.
      Take a few leaves along with you on a picnic and put them out on the
      table to keep the flies away.

      5. Bay leaves in your pantry will keep pests away. A bay leaf in a
      container of flour, cornmeal or cereal will keep weevils out.

      6. Plant peppermint around your house. It will keep ants out, and it
      repels mice

      7. Cinnamon sprinkled around your foundation is said to keep ants out.

      8. Weeds are not really pests, but they can be really pesky! Hot
      water will kill most unwanted plants.

      Just boil some water and pour
      it over the plant you want to kill. Some weeds may require more than
      one dousing.

      9. Mint tea bags can be used in your clothing drawers or in your
      closet to repel moths.

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