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      Has anyone converted their suburban lawn into a prairie? How did you start – with digging up your existing plants? Or with a burn? I want to do this in our backyard but in small sections. Hopefully the neighbors won’t freak out that way 😉

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      I have not converted land to prairie, but a neighboring property owned by a school was converted to prairie land a few years ago. Looked like a bunch of weeds in the middle of corn fields. Are you in town? Some prairie grasses get tall and is against ordinances, also some is invasive. You would want to dig, not burn, as I have heard that most of the state is under a burn ban. Hope this helps. Thanks; Virginia

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      Thanks Virginia, I am in a rural-ish suburban town. We have several prairie areas that are burned every other year. I also have a place to rent the equipment. Way back in high school, our environmental science class actually participated in one of the burns.

      I’m still in the process of choosing plants, so THANKS I will keep in mind not to have any “creepers” to close to the neighbors. As far as the height of the grasses… I have several clumps of zebra grass growing as a hedge. I think if I plan well and have somewhat of an “organized” look I won’t have any problems. I also hear that Illinois may have some grants available for natural landscaping in residential areas… I need to do further research.

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