Nail Biting.. aaaaah

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      OOk i’m probably immature for asking this advice.. I can control this problem
      but would like some tips! hehe… I BITE MY NAILS SO BAD and i can’t stop very
      well lol.. i don’t even realize i’m doing it most of the time! I just do it and
      do it.. and do it… and my nails grow soo fast! The biggest and hugest thing
      that has helped me, is, my husband tells me “stop biting your nails” every
      single time he see me doing it… it really helps… and i’m getting to where i
      get kinda like a kid with the cookie jar.. checking around for him first so i
      can do it lol … kinda getting guilty lol…….. so i might stick with this
      method lol.. but any other tips would be fun .. thank you!

      God bless,

      ~*_*~Rachel Nix~*_*~


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