Nail Biting.. aaaaah

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      Whew- So it is not just me. I bit my nails horribly. I never have
      been able to stop. At one point I made them bleed sometimes from
      biting them sooo short. Before I got married I tried everything to
      get them to grow out. Wearing gloves to painting bad tasting stuff on
      them. The only time I did not bite them was when I broke down and had
      acrylic nails put on. They were expensive and I did not want to ruin
      them, but I still found myself “picking at the edges” if I was not
      paying attention.
      If you find the way to stop this… let me know 🙂

      — In, Rachel Lenn Nix
      > OOk i’m probably immature for asking this advice.. I can control
      this problem but would like some tips! hehe… I BITE MY NAILS SO BAD
      and i can’t stop very well lol.. i don’t even realize i’m doing it
      most of the time! I just do it and do it.. and do it… and my nails
      grow soo fast! The biggest and hugest thing that has helped me, is,
      my husband tells me “stop biting your nails” every single time he see
      me doing it… it really helps… and i’m getting to where i get
      kinda like a kid with the cookie jar.. checking around for him first
      so i can do it lol … kinda getting guilty lol…….. so i might
      stick with this method lol.. but any other tips would be fun .. thank
      > God bless,
      > *RacheLenNix*

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