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      Wine Jelly
      (Makes 4 half pints)

      2 cups wine (I used Blackberry Merlot)
      3 cups sugar
      1 pkg. liquid Certo Pectin

      This mixture makes 4 half pints (or 2 pints). Sterilize the jars that you will use.
      In a large pot (I used an 8-qt.crab pot) combine wine and sugar. Mix well and stir until all sugar is dissolved.

      Heat on medium high heat until the mixture boils. Boil for 1 minute, and then add the liquid Pectin. allow mixture to return to a boil and boil for one minute and pour jelly into jars.

      Seal jars with lids and seals, turn upside down for 5 minutes and then turn right side up again. The jars will seal themselves.

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      It’s a shame that is such an old and unsafe recipe, especially the process of turning jars upside down which is a no-no in this more modern day. Better to find a recipe that is up to date for killing the bacteria, yeasts, and molds in a Boiling Water Bath.

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      If you’re worried it’s unsafe you can process it for 10 minutes in a boiling water bath. It may go against the norm but I’ve canned for years and unless I’m giving the jars for gifts, I don’t bother with a water bath. We’re all healthy and never had any issues.

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