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      A Javex type bleach (sodium hypochlorite), sprayed directly on the
      weeds works well. Buy the cheapest you can find and decant into a
      CLEANED used spray bottle.

      — In, “slrccr1125” wrote:
      > Although I am sitting here looking at a snow covered lawn, tis the
      > time to be thinking about yard work. I thought that I remembered
      > seeing a recipe for making your own weed killer on the Budget 101
      > website, but I can’t seem to find it now that I am looking for it.
      > Our property is surrounded by farmland and we end up spending a
      > fortune for Round Up during the summer just to keep weeds out of our
      > small flowerbeds. I would like to save some money and hopefully find
      > something a little more environmentally friendly than Round Up.
      > Thanks for your suggestions.
      > Sharon from Lancaster Co., PA

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