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      Although I am sitting here looking at a snow covered lawn, tis the
      time to be thinking about yard work. I thought that I remembered
      seeing a recipe for making your own weed killer on the Budget 101
      website, but I can’t seem to find it now that I am looking for it.
      Our property is surrounded by farmland and we end up spending a
      fortune for Round Up during the summer just to keep weeds out of our
      small flowerbeds. I would like to save some money and hopefully find
      something a little more environmentally friendly than Round Up.
      Thanks for your suggestions.

      Sharon from Lancaster Co., PA

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      Here’s a cheap weed killer (but it has a nasty smell)

      1 Gallon Vinegar
      2 cups of epsom salts
      1/4 cup Dawn dish liquid (the original blue works best)

      Spray it on dry weeds (not when its going to rain) and it works quite well.

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      I am going to try this.

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      Can you provide any update to whether this is working for you? I have a couple rather large areas that I’d like to reclaim and put to use for chickens and raised gardens. Mixed in with the weeds is poison sumac.


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      The formula was very successful on yard weeds. My first attempt was only a moderate success because I did not allow the morning due to dry first. My second attempt was very successful and most of the weeds were dead by the end of the day. Make sure you get in there and follow up though or those buggers will grow back.

      Good luck.


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      How long does this solution last on weeds, how often do you have to repeat?

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      garlic spray with liq. paraffin? or I like this one 1 bulb garlic, sm.

      onion, tabl. liquid soap det. & cayenne pepper blend with 1 qt hto…..Walah pour in spray bottle apply liberally last 7 to 10 days double, triple depending on your surroundings lol i just realized you wanted weed killer not insect spray sorry youll find it in the same place diy under myo pesticides..

      good luck

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      Thank you so much–been looking for a good weed killer that isn’t harmful to the environment!!!

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