MYO Terra Cotta Tower

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      This terra cotta tower is pretty easy to make on your own, but you’ll need 5 planters, some potting soil and assorted herbs.

      The trick to getting it to work right is that you start with a large planter, then tip a smaller planter upside down and place it inside.

      You should have 6 inches of space between the edge of the upside down pot and the edge of the big planter.

      Next, rest the 2nd largest pot onto the upside down pot, repeat.

      Fill the pots with soil and add your young plants. This entire process takes about 20 minutes to create a gorgeous tower of fresh herbs!

      Martha Stewart Living, March 2010

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      I finally picked up the pots I need to make this awesome herb planter, We’re putting one on each side of the patio door, really love this idea!

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      Wow! This is fantastic!


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