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      Homemade Stick Deodorant

      4 ounces cornstarch
      2 ounces baking soda
      1 ounces liquid chorophyll
      2 ounces vodka
      2 ounces distilled water
      8 ounces beeswax
      10-15 drops of honeysuckle, rose, coriander or essential oil of your
      Mix all ingredients except wax and chorophyll in a bowl, stir
      thoroughly. Melt wax in top of a double boiler over very low heat,
      remove from heat. Add the other ingredients and blend well. If the
      wax thickens too much to be workable, heat again. As the mixture
      begins to cool, but before it hardens, add the liquid clorophyll and
      essential oils. Pour into molds. Let harden. Remove from molds. Store
      in a tightly closed container away from heat to avoid shrinkage.

      submitted to by Rebecca Green

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