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      Removing Grease Spots from Walls

      Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply thick paste to the grease stain
      and let it dry. Brush the residue off with a soft brush or cloth.

      All-purpose Spot Remover

      ? cup borax

      2 cups cold water

      Dissolve borax in cold water. Sponge it on and let it sit until dry. Wash
      with soap and water to completely remove spot. Works well on blood,
      chocolate, coffee, mildew, mud and urine.

      Club Soda

      Pour club soda on fresh spots and stains to remove wine and foods from
      clothing, carpets and linens.

      Ink Spot Remover

      Cream of tartar

      Lemon juice

      Warm water

      Put cream of tartar on the stain and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on
      top. Rub into the stain for a minute, brush off the powder with a clean
      brush and sponge immediately with warm water. Repeat if needed.

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