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      sparkling snowball soap

      6 oz. unscented white soap, grated
      1/4 tsp. Candy Cane Fragrance Oil or Peppermint
      1/2 tsp.

      Ultra Fine Fabric Glitter
      1/2 cup Water or Milk

      Bring water to a boil and add soap and reduce heat. Mash and stir soap until water disappears and mixture becomes a sticky mass (about 5 minutes). Remove from heat.

      Stir in fragrance oil and glitter until well blended. Reserve a little glitter for later. When soap is cool enough to handle, divide in half and form into balls with your hands.

      Sprinkle reserved glitter on the surface of the balls and continue to shape into snowball like soaps. Allow to air dry at least 12 hours. Wrap individually in cellophane and tie with ribbon and a bow.

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      This is a great idea! I’m using grated ivory soap but I was thinking about just putting the grated soap in a mason jar with hot water and leaving it for a couple hours instead of the “cooking” method. You can’t microwave ivory lol, it blows up!

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      Just a thought here. When making soap never use any glitter that is not cosmetic safe. Any craft store glitters are not safe.

      Cosmetic glitter is safe if it should get in your eyes. Even if your making a hand soap, the glitter could cause problems. FYI

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Soapmaking MYO: Sparkling Snowball Soap