MYO Slimfast??

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      Originally posted by Cindy Sue on April 25, 2003
      MYO Slimfast?

      This isn’t slim fast per say but I make a smoothie in the am with 2% milk and protein powder. I purchase Soy protein Powder in bulk from our local Winco ( Cub foods) for about 2.99 a pound CHEAP!!!!. I mix it up a bit but the basic recipe I use is 1 cup milk and 2 Tbl spoons of Protein powder 1 packet of sugar substitute and a Tsp of Coca powder.

      I also substitute coca powder for fresh strawberries or other fruit like banana or orange juice. I also have a few Sugar free syrups.
      1 C milk or powdered equivalent
      2 TBL protein powder
      1 packet sugar substitute
      1 TSP Coca powder
      for about 200 calories

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