MYO Slimfast??

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      This could also be used as a homemade Slim-Fast:

      2 tablespoons instant low-fat chocolate drink mix
      4 ice cubes
      1 large banana
      1/2 pint skim milk

      Shove everything into a blender and blitz.
      Pour into a large glass, plonk in a straw, sit back and prepare for a heavenly experience!

      I’ve tried it and it’s good. I used a frozen banana and added 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed for extra fiber and Omega 3’s. I recommend using Ovaltine because it has more vitamins than Nesquick.

      The recipe says to use 2 tablespoons of chocolate drink mix but Ovaltine recommends using 4 tablespoons per cup of milk so if you use Ovaltine, you’ll probably want to use 4 tablespoons.

      About flax seeds:

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