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      MYO: Seed Tapes or Seed Rolls

      This Is Great For Small Seeds!


      2 tablespoons cornstarch

      1 cup cold water


      paper towels




      plastic freezer bag


      Dissolve cornstarch and water in saucepan

      Put pan over heat and stir so mixture wont get lumpy. When the mixture

      begins to boil and thicken remove from heat and let cool.

      Cut paper towels lengthwise in one-inch-wide strips. Using a ruler

      mark with your pencil the recommended spacing between plants.

      When the cornstarch has cooled, spoon into freezer bag. Force the

      mixture into one corner of the freezer bag & snip the tip. Squeeze the

      bag to place a dot of cornstarch at every pencil mark on paper towels.

      Place your seeds at every dot of cornstarch, let the seed tape dry for

      an hour or so.

      Roll up and store in plastic bag until ready to plant.

      When you are ready to plant, cover tape with soil and water thoroughly!

      By mariann

      as we have to garden in raised beds here in ak growing potatoes seemed

      out of the question due to space limitations, until someone gave us

      this tire idea.

      you begin with one tire and fill it with soil. i planted about 6-8

      “eyes” per tire. Be sure you fill in the “cavity” of the tire as well.

      When the plants get about 8 inches tall….add another tire then fill

      it with soil as well almost to the top of the plant. I just leave

      about 3 inches sticking out. Be sure to fill the inner tube fully and

      not leave air pockets. you can add one or two more tires if desired. i

      would suggest a three stack.

      when the plant is forced upward it is creating a longer tap root thus

      putting out more little taters. the tires create a heat “sink” which

      is a warm moist environment for growth and they have a lot more room

      to grow insided the tires than planted in the ground.

      when it comes time to harvest you can remove one tire level at a

      time…..with the other tires creating an insulated “keeper” until you

      need them. of course here i may have to harvest them earlier because

      of the cold but in the lower 48 or most places at least they should

      keep a long time without being disturbed.

      I have photos if anyone wants to see them. Just send me a private

      email and I will send a shot. AS a side note…..I have used ProMix in

      my tires as we ran out of topsoil and I have had great success with

      Pro Mix in the past in my greenhouse and for general purposes.

      The advantage is that I wet it and before I add it to the tires and it

      is saturated with water… I know from the get go that my soil is

      good and wet to begin with and easier to keep wet because of all the

      perilite/vermiculite in the Pro Mix. I like it that it does not harden

      like “dirt” tends to do especially you have clay in you dirt at home.


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