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    Scented Pinecones
    Pinecones (real or store bought)
    1 lb. wax
    1 oz. Essential oil
    candle color chips in red, green, or white (I like to use a dark green wax and then add the texture “snow” paint in dabs after a day or so) wax paper

    Melt wax in double boiler. Add color chip. Remember that wax is always darker when it is wet so if you want to see what color you are getting you can spoon a drop or two on some white notecards.
    Remove from heat. Lay out your wax paper to sit dipped pine cones on. Add fragrance oil to wax (fragrance is stronger if you add it while wax isn’t so hot.) Dip pinecones in wax. The wax usually dries fast so you can do a couple of dippings.
    Place on wax paper and dry completely for a few hours.
    When finished place in a nice bowl or you can string them up and hang on your tree, use in wreaths, etc. Smells good! 🙂
    **Be sure the kids don’t try to eat these, keep away from pets, the usual disclaimers, etc…

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    This is great, been looking for something simple enough to make for Christmas…thanks!!

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    Sounds like a good idea to do with left over candle wax too. I have to go out and look for some nice pinecones and bring them into dry for a few days.

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    I’m giving 2 friends baskets of pinecones for Xmas..this is super I’ve found this recipe. Thanks! Baskets from Goodwill, cones from my tree, a bow, starched, cut from a flannel shirt.

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