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      Hi, I made the recipe for MYO salsa – the one that you cook and then can in jars. I just wanted to say how easy it was and how great it turned out. I ended up with 11 quart sized jars when I was finished. I’m giving these as Christmas presents along with clay salsa dishes I found at Goodwill (don’t tell my sisters in law). Anyway, I think the whole thing costs about $1 to $2.00a jar or so (including the jars that were on clearance at Target). I tried a jar and it was just delicious – Thank, Liss for a great recipe. :great:

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      That is sooo cool. I haven’t gotten to try that yet.
      Thirty shopping you have been doing too.

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      How thrifty! Okay, I have got to get serious about holiday presents and hit the thrift stores. tbwj780 you have inspired me to get in gear.

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