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      Originally posted by Jill on April 27, 2003
      MYO Products

      > OK with all this talk about vinegar being added to the wash and it making > the clothes softer and all that I was wondering….couldn’t you just add it > into the detergent itself. OK I live in apartments and have to do my > laundry > in a community laundry room and don’t want to have to carry yet another > item > with me to the laundry room if I don’t have to. > >
      I’m not sure that will work. I always add the vinegar to the rinse cycle. I use a downy ball. (Got it free with a coupon when they first came out). Just fill it with the amount of vinegar you want to use and put it in with the laundry. It opens up by itself in the rinse. The ball says it will only work with Downy but I’ve never had a problem with it working with the vinegar.

      Originally posted by Lisa on April 28, 2003
      Vinegar to Laundry Soap?Yes!

      if you make your own laundry soap you can add the vinegar to it.. I have for years and my clothes are SO soft !! No bad smell either !! I don’t add more for the rinse cycle either .. I also add a ball of foil to the dryer (when I use it..) cuts down on static 🙂

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