MYO mcdonalds onions

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      ever wonder where mcdonalds gets their onions?:017: pour a little dehydrated onion in a bowl add a little water, i do just enough to cover the onion. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.

      TAADAA!!! Mcdonalds onions

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      That’s hilarious! I’m gonna have to try this! 🙂

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      I do it all the time my favorite is a hamburger cooked on the forman grill with steak rub on top a toasted hamburger bun with mustard, ketchup, cheese , pickles and these onions. Taste pretty close to a mcd’s cheeseburger

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      Oh yeah and my boyfriend loves them in his pinto beans. I came up with this one night when he said I would love to be able to get these onions anytime. So now he can lol

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      I’ll be darned…LOL I am going to have to try this one. Thanks!

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      @mdowdy 99938 wrote:

      a little dehydrated onion

      is that the same as “onion flakes?”

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      @rtebalt 100053 wrote:

      is that the same as “onion flakes?”

      my container says minced onion. I didnt know they had onion flakes or is that the same thing?

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      @mdowdy 100070 wrote:

      my container says minced onion. I didnt know they had onion flakes or is that the same thing?

      Yes, I believe onion flakes & minced onion are the same thing, so it sounds like we are all talking about the same thing! Yeah! McDonald’s burgers at home!

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      Flakes are supposed to be more flat. Chopped and Minced depend on the size of the pieces, but for most of us they are all the same.

      Mine are all “chunks” since I dehydrate my own and I don’t bother finding screens to separate out the different sizes. Much of it gets put into the blender and ground down to a powder that goes into my spice rack.

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      Why haven’t we ever thought of this before? I made a burger tonight on the Foreman grill. Hamburger, cheese, dill pickles, mustard, these onions and plain white bread (no buns in house).

      It hit the spot exactly and I didn’t even have to go to the fast food place!

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