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      Hi everyone. I finally made my own laundry soap. I’ve had the stuff to make it for about three months now but have been putting it off becasue I was worried that it woulden’t turn out right or that it would be hard to do or something would go wrong. And because I am a procrastinator by nature! lol. But I did make it this evening and it was so easy! Everything seems to have worked out just fine and I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow evening. I keep running and looking at it to see if it looks any different!

      The only concern I had was that when I added the borax, washing soda and clorox 2 it only thickened up a little bit. Has any one else had that happen and the laundry soap still gelled up just fine? Or even if it doesn’t gel up does it still work just fine?

      This is what I used.

      1/2 bar fels naptha soap
      1/2 bar irish spring soap
      3/4 cup washing soda
      3/4 cup borax
      1/2 cup clorox 2

      Melt the grated soap in 3 pints water
      add the washing soda, borax and clorox 2.
      stir untill thickened
      remove from heat
      add 1 pint HOT water to five gallon bucket
      add the melted soap mixture and stir well
      fill bucket with cold water and stir well
      set aside untill it gels up about 24 hours

      Does this sound right to you all? I think I got the recipie either from the list or from the site. Can’t remember which.

      TIA, Maya in San Diego

      From: “samii619”
      Date: Sun May 4, 2003 1:54 am

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