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      I’ve made these – I like to make them a variety of sizes – we use them for
      sore shoulders, legs, headaches etc. The one that gets grabbed most often is
      about 3 in by 12 inches & full of buckwheat hulls. It is light weight and
      heats up fast. The others have a mixture of buckwheat hulls & flax seeds, or
      corn, or plain flax seeds….the best by far is the combination – corn is a
      bit heavy as is the flax seeds, but when you mix them you get a nice mix.

      The best material I’ve used is $1/yd flannel from Wal-mart. its cheap, easy
      to use, and feels good on the skin. Depending on how strong your microwave
      is you can heat these up to 3 minutes; I’ve been using the same ones for
      years & they do not start to pop; they can burn & you’ll know from the

      The buckwheat hulls & corn give off a roasted smell, if it gets too
      hot is will smell like burnt micro popcorn – yuck!!

      I hope this helps. I know people in my family really like them, including my
      MIL who is in a nursing home. Her bag is large but thin, with only the hulls
      to keep it light weight.

      She uses it across her lap in the wheel chair.


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