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    Hi everyone. I read this idea in an e-zine that I get called the
    Dollar Stretcher and it sounds like such a good idea with the
    holidays coming up that I thought I would pass it on to the great
    people on this list.

    Homemade Gift Boxes

    Regarding the “hows” of getting free or low cost gift boxes, here’s a
    great idea that I read about just last night in a book on gift-
    wrapping. Use spray paint on ordinary boxes that food and consumer
    goods are packaged in to hide any lettering, logos, etc. that may be
    on the outside.

    You can apply embellishments like stenciling,
    sponging, stamping, charms, stickers, decorative painting, yarn,
    small toys, fabric scraps, snippets of lace, silk flowers, ribbon
    roses, old greeting cards, etc. to make your gift package look even
    prettier, and to camouflage any damaged areas on the box. Not only
    will you be spared the expense of buying those expensive, store-
    bought gift boxes, but also you’re helping the environment by
    recycling what would normally end up in a landfill into a gift box
    that’s truly distinctive and one-of-a-kind!


    Passed on by Maya in Illinois
    Date: Sat Oct 12, 2002 10:18 pm
    Subject: Homemade Gift Boxes

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    We do this sort of thing every year. Only we just use them to wrap the gift in, and don’t worry too much about logo’s. Our family has always used whatever box the item would fit in,and it’s kind of fun to see just what is going to be on the box – saltines, cheerios, kleenex tissues etc.

    We also do the box in a box in a box trick on someone in the family as a joke.

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    I never thought of using cereal boxes, but that is a fabulous idea!! Thanks for the great tip!!

    Lynn 🙂

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    Many boxes, such as cereal and cracker boxes, can be turned inside out, too! Carefully pull the box apart where it has been joined together, then reassemble it with the printed side in! Reglue all but the final opening, put in your gift and wrap!

    No paint necessary!

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