MYO Frozen Hash Browns

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      MYO Frozen Hash Browns

      1)Use a good quality baking potato. Russett potatoes work best.
      2)Peel your potatoes if desired, making sure to remove all greenish areas.
      Otherwise, you can leave skins on, just make sure you scrub well.
      3)Bake potato OR parboil in salt water and drain well.
      4)Let potatos cool.
      5)Shred the potatoes. A food processor is quickest, but a grater will work
      fine~just use the bigger holes.
      6)Place the grated potatoes immediately in water while working.

      you’re going to have some really ugly off-colored potatoes.
      7)Rinse well to help remove some of the starch. A colander is really handy
      for this step.
      8)Drain thoroughly. Use paper towels or a clean dish towel to gently press
      ALL the remaining water out of the potatoes.
      9)Freeze flat on cookie sheet, keeping piles no more than 1″ thick.

      Use a
      spatula to make crease lines (where the hash browns will break apart) before
      10)After freezing on the tray, break individual searvings apart, and put in
      airtight container, using wax paper between layers.
      11)Date &use within two months.

      Simple directions for cooking:
      1)Thaw hashbrowns.
      2)Add onions, spices, or whatever optional ingredients you want.
      2)Heat butter/vegetable oil/margerine/olive oil (whatever your preference or
      use in combination if desired) in skillet over medium heat usually about 2
      3)Carefully add potato mixture, patting them down with spatula into an even
      compact layer. Leave atleast 1/2 inch around edges to allow for ease of
      flipping. Don’t overpress them or the inside of your hashbrowns will be mush.
      4)Cook on one side until golden brown &crisp, about 6-10 minutes depending
      upon thickness, then flip &brown the other side.

      Check occassionally and reduce
      heat, if necessary, to prevent burning.


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      Great search engine. Just typed in what I wanted and it came right up. I will try these.

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      I LOVE these type hash browns!
      Thank you so much for sharing!

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      I am going to assume that you can cook these from a frozen state?

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      The ones I used to buy commercially, were frozen when I cooked them. You -could- thaw them a bit before cooking, but SOMEONE…me. 😉 was too inpatient.
      I’m assuming you can do the same with these, although the recipe does say to thaw…I probably won’t…can’t…same difference.

      lol impatient smilie

      eat-1  smilie

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      momkids smilie
      If you have a waffle iron, these could be cooked on that too! Just spray with a cooking spray lightly and set them down on iron. Fast and easy, thawed and cooked in one step!
      showered with love

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      Even a Belgium waffle iron.??..Hhhmmmm…got one of those. 😉
      BUT, would the bumply grid things hurt the hash browns???

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      Ok I admit I am being lazy and trying to skip a step….is it absolutely necessary to cook the potato first?

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      Been looking for a recipe to make MYO frozen hash browns, will give this one a shot, have not had any luck with other, color and texture was off and I know that happens with potatoes. will give this a shot thanks.

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      i don’t eat hash browns myself but my son’s love them will be sure to try this.. thank you for the recipe

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Breakfast Ideas MYO Frozen Hash Browns