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      The anise essential oil used in this homemade soap recipe has a very strong

      smelling licorice scent. It is said that it hides the human scent, which is

      ideal for hunters, and fish are very attracted to the smell. Fisherman can

      even rub the anise soap on the lures to attract fish! It’s also a good

      homemade soap recipe for getting rid of odors from your hands in the kitchen

      such as garlic or onions.

      2 lb. Clear melt & pour soap base, melted

      1 tsp. Anise essential oil

      Food color


      1 tsp. beeswax pellets

      1 Tbsp. jojoba or almond oil

      To Make This Homemade Soap Recipe: To the melted soap base, add some

      teal/blue coloring with some mica thrown in it. It makes this homemade soap

      recipe look like the sea. Add 1 tsp. of Anise essential oil to make the bar

      harder so hopefully it won’t melt to bits if carried in a tackle box, add 1

      tsp. beeswax pellets melted in 1 Tbsp. jojoba oil or almond oil to the

      melted base. Pour into molds.

      This homemade soap recipe also makes a perfect gift for outdoors men and

      cooks who love to use garlic or onions. Your friends and family will

      appreciate this homemade soap recipe that is a unique bath and body product.

      That this anise soap gift came from the heart and your hands makes it even

      more special. Packaging and presentation play a predominant role in the

      gift-giving of your handmade soaps, salts and lotions. Below are several

      packaging ideas, but don’t let this brief list limit your creativity!

      Paper is a popular packaging medium for this homemade soap recipe because of

      the variety of papers available. You can use brown Kraft paper, marbled

      paper, gift wrap, wallpaper, any kind of paper you want. Your creativity is

      the limit! You can use your computer to add designs and logos to plain paper

      or you can paint or draw on the paper for an added personal touch. You can

      wrap individual bars like a gift and either leave plain or add extra

      embellishment by tie with ribbons, cording, raffia or lace.

      Boxes and baskets are nice containers for soap, especially when you fill the

      boxes with other materials. You can fill the box or basket halfway with

      herbs, dried flowers or potpourri that matches the scent of your soap. Gift

      basket fillings, other toiletries, washcloths or sponges also make great

      fillers in the basket with your anise soap. Once you have added the filler

      and soap, wrap the box or basket in cellophane.

      Coffee mugs also great “baskets.” Add a filler to the cup and place a bar of

      soap in the center and wrap with cellophane or tulle. Small brown paper

      bags, cello type bags, wood crates and soap dishes are other containers you

      can use to package your soaps and salts.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List MYO: Fisherman And Hunter Anise Soap