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      I made up some of the soda, vinegar, whatever fabric softener, but did not
      like it very well. I have found this works for me. I had saved empty plastic
      bottle of fabric softener, as we recycle. I had two empty bottle and bought
      one new one. I put a third of the fabric softener into the two empty bottles,
      then filled each bottle with vinegar. I use a capful in my dispenser and do
      not dilute it. My clothes are very soft, and still have the aroma of the fabric
      softener. I think I might get another bottle and then use one-fourth of a
      bottle in each one. The last fabric softener I bought two was a cheap bottle
      from Aldis. Was less then $2.00 for the bottle. I often just use plain vinegar
      in loads of bath towels. I have been using their dry detergent too. And, I
      think my clothes are as clean as ever. I think the cost is less than three
      cents per load. I tired some of the home made dry, but I think I like this just
      as well. I use the dry, as I have arthritis in my hands and sometimes opening
      the bottles is hard for me to do. I keep the lids on my fabric softener on
      kind of loose.


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