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      I’m assuming you’all are using a car .. packing up kids & backpackswith
      supplies that were located in the house there a possibility that you might
      have to hike to a safe area, but not that you have to walk/hike out any real
      distance? backpacks are easier to carry, strollers can be used to haul in gear
      too (having strollers with the large heavy duty wheels helps)

      you may have to pick and choose what you can carry in your vechicle .. kids,
      emergency buttpacks- our emergency buttpacks carry some food in them, you
      wouldn’t gain weight on it but it would keep you alive .. water, meds, food, etc
      etc .. figure out your priority .. every family will have a different one

      we have camped & have a lot of the gear already so our pack outs can get
      pretty elaborate – I also have a full size van to haul it all ..

      when I was a kid, just before the news came on there was a public
      announcement “do you know hwere you kids are?” .. if you know the emergency is coming
      then cancel sleep overs, keep the kids close in the neighborhood .. some parents
      interviewed had some of their kids at grandma’s and now grandma & those kids
      were missing ..

      another reason the FLYLADY is right – clean the car out .. the clean car
      boogie should include checking the emergency box, making sure there’s room for an
      emergency evacuation – having to evac and clear out your car increases the
      time in the danger area and decreases you chances on getting out safely

      Have a list of things that are supposed to be in your emergency car kit –
      check the status of items that get used ie: bug spray and sunblock .. ball caps
      and bandanas .. these are items that will be used while on field trips, going
      to the beach etc – MAKE A LIST of things not in car that you need to get and
      where they are kept

      pre-pack the car with gallons of water – except up north where they freeze ..
      rotate stock occasionally

      your car should have a fire extingusher in it, spare shoes or boots, extra
      socks, wool blanket (wool when wet still can keep you warm), hats and gloves

      other items/ tools:
      ax (if you are in flood area, or if your house has lots of trees that can
      block exits, this needs to stay in the emergency closet for possible use to make
      an exit through wall or roof)

      shovel (if this is a snowstorm do not expect one of those “cheapy emergency
      shovels” to work) I like a short spade it’ll go through sluch/ice (works for
      digging fire put too), & reg snow shovel in winter

      2- 5×7 tarp, wrap with string, a few stakes and bungee cords (*you’d be
      surprized what you can do with a tarp and some strings)

      duct tape (duct tape 2 tarps together you have a cover for shelter)

      a knife (*my kids all carry small flip blades, they use for cutting apples
      and in an emergency can make fuzz sticks for starting fires, etc) – I have an
      old girlscout blade that has one heck of an edge on it, its part of the car’s
      emergency box in addition to the one I am carrying

      gas can – after watching the people in gridlock trying to get out of TX I
      think a gas can with gas would be a good idea – to pack later not to keep in car
      for general use, we have a shed so ours is in there –

      oil for car, windshiekld washer fluid, tranny fluid, ether or quick start
      spray, fix a flat, no ice spray, replacement wiper blades (not cool to loose when
      ice storms are here)

      4 way lug wrench, hydrylic jack – these are not that expensive and easy to
      use (some flat boards, jacks need to be on flat surface) .. the scissor style
      jack are horrible to use .. jacks can be used to get you out of mud/snow bank
      (it’s not easy but can be done)

      garbage bags – just handy

      I know there’s more out there but the list is on the other computer

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