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      I routinely make my own butter (it’s really easy to do) in my kitchenaid stand mixer … but I am wondering for others that do the same, what do you put in to make compound butter?

      I made some for Easter, and used garlic, minced scallion, sea salt and fresh ground peppercorn…

      what else can you put in there (that you have personally tried) that would taste good?

      Thanks in advance.

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      I make sweet and savory butter spreads. I add 1) cinnamon & honey,
      2) parsley, thyme & garlic,
      3) Minced jalapeños and cumin
      And soooo many more! Have fun, and enjoy!

      PS. I roll mine in parchment and foil and freeze mine because I make it in bulk. I have no issues thawing and using.

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      I’ve made other butters (honey for homemade challah bread, cinnamon sugar for toast, etc)– but none of them were compound butters except for the last one …

      I would like to find out what you put in your compound butter like for use on steaks or other meats, fish, etc…

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      just wondering, how do you make butter with your kitchenaid?

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      pour in heavy cream (I use organic heavy cream), use the whisk first — turn it on — listen for sloshing… when you hear that, shut the mixer off and drain off the fluid… switch to the paddle — add in your sea salt or whatever you are flavoring with — and beat the butter solids …

      you may have to drain a 2nd time… when the butter solids stick to the side of the bowl, it’s done.


      WAYYYYYYYY healthier than store bought butter.

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      how long does this last? and how much butter would you get from a pint of cream?

      this sounds like a project the kids would love to ‘help’ with.

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      in our house, butter never lasts very long… we use it for everything… but a pint of heavy cream usually gets me about 2 sticks.

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      Thank you ever so much.

      I love butter too. if I didn’t have butter or olive oil, I wouldn’t be able to cook.

      I am going to put heavy cream on my list so we can make butter this weekend.

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      Ok — who wants some???

      Compound Butter (onion, garlic, parsley, three- peppercorn, sea salt, memphis rib-rub) done!! (full pint)

      honey butter (honey, sea salt, molasses sugar) done!!!!

      next up: cracked pepper & sea salt butter….

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      I like honey rosemary butter – a few pieces of finely crushed fresh rosemary, 2 tsp honey, about 1 1/2 cups heavy cream. It’s great on roasted or grilled veggies.

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      I would love to try the honey butter. 🙂 I love anything and everything honey.

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      I can’t make anymore butter until I go to Whole Foods this week and use up the rest of my FREE item coupons — since they expire in 2 weeks…

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      coupons for free products has to come first. 🙂

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      lol… ebay is your friend — here is my source for free item coupons — I think I’ve bought over 100 auctions from her:

      (she is super sweet!!)

      eBay My World – clqjqfamily4

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      Thank you very much for sharing your source. I love coupons, especially coupons for free stuff.

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      Coupons for free stuff = AWESOME!!

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      know what butter I would like to try? applebutter doesn’t that sound good on a piece of homemade bread?

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      @bethaliz6894 287616 wrote:

      know what butter I would like to try? applebutter doesn’t that sound good on a piece of homemade bread?

      except that’s not really a “butter” since it doesn’t have any dairy in it… plus it’s cooked (unlike regular butter) and it takes 24 hours to make (with this recipe)

      here’s a recipe for it though: Old-Fashioned Apple Butter Recipe – Recipe for Apple Butter – Fruit Spread Recipe

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      LOL I know applebutter is not really butter. I figured someone would get a laugh. 🙂 mom use to make this when we were kids.

      we had this all the time. I asked her awhile ago if she remembered the recipe that she used and she couldn’t remember. dang….

      but applebutter still does sound good, doesn’t it?


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      Apple butter rocks, but HONEY apple butter…Mmmmm, it’s the best! 😉

      Here’s our favorite recipe:

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      The farmers market down the street from me closed. 🙁 they sold the best apple butter. I never thought to look for a honey apple butter.

      the recipe does look really good. if I had some way of getting my hands on a ton of apples, I would make it my self.

      thank you for posting the recipe.

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      when they cull the fruit at our local fruit/veggie market, they sell a bushel of (whatever they have culled) for $2.00 … it’s hard to pass up these boxes — even if you can’t possibly use them all, it’s still worth it!! (I usually get a bushel of tomatoes, potatoes or cucumbers then pawn them off on family and friends so they aren’t wasted)

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      I use to get a peck of culled tomatoes for 1.00. I couldn’t pass that deal up. I usually was able to eat them fast enough that nothing was lost. I cant wait for a good tomato.

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      @bethaliz6894 287616 wrote:

      know what butter I would like to try? applebutter doesn’t that sound good on a piece of homemade bread?

      As far as Fruit butters go, there are several recipes here on the site:

      Homemade Apple Butter

      Sugarless Peach Apple Butter

      Crockpot Apple Butter

      Caramel Apple Butter

      Honey Apple Butter

      Sugarfree Apple Butter

      Honey Pumpkin Butter

      Honey Butter

      Rhubarb Butter

      There are other uses besides on bread, you can make cookies, cakes, breads, etc with fruit butters:

      Apple Butter Refrigerator Cookies

      Apple Spice Cake with Apple Cream Cheese Frosting (uses apple butter)

      Other uses for Apple Butter

      Apple Butter Cupcakes

      Ohhh.. my fave is the Copycat Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon Butter

      I also like to use Cumin-Lime butter on Corn on the Cob:

      I’m getting hungry all of a sudden . . .

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      😮 Corn with cumin lime butter…sounds positively decadent!
      Think I’m gonna have to get me a few ears while it’s on sale so I can try this… 😉

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      I don’t have a Kitchenaid. I’m wondering if a blender would work. It doesn’t sound like it, but I guess my hand-held mixer would, right?

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      Thank you for the recipe!

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      I’m curious. What do you mean by “compound butter”? A few years back, I milked and would strain the milk, cool it in a sun-tea jar with the spigot on the bottom.

      The cream would rise to the top. I dipped it off and put it into an electric butter churn that had paddles. I’d watch it carefully and when the butter lumps separated from the buttermilk, I’d drain off the buttermilk to use in homemade buttermilk pancakes or biscuits.

      The butter would be placed in a plate. I worked out even more buttermilk with a wooden spatula. When it was firm and glossy, I’d sprinkle it with salt and work that in.

      Last of all, I’d place the buttery mass into a wooden butter mold and press it. I placed it int the refrigerator until it was set up. My butter in the Spring was nearly orange in color, but as the season progressed toward Fall, the color changed to a paler yellow, but was always healthy and tasty!

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