MYO: Bathtub Crayons

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      ooh! ooh! this gives me a great idea to have my physical and earth

      science do the last two days before winter break! last year they

      made salt dough ‘science’ sculptures and then decorated them. how

      thick can they be to dry thoroughly overnight? and about how many

      does one batch make so I know how many lab mates to put together?


      — In, “Liss” wrote:


      > Bathtub Crayons can be colored on the side of the bathtub, or on


      > walls and floors. Can also be used as soap.


      > Need:

      > 1 cup grated Ivory soap

      > 1/4 cup warm water

      > 4-6 drops food coloring

      > Plastic cookie cutters


      > How to make it:

      > Mix water, soap and food coloring together in a medium bowl. Stir


      > mixture until it begins to stiffen. remove mix from bowl and knead

      > until it

      > is the consistancy of thick dough. spoon crayon mix into plastic

      > cutters,

      > place the cutters into the freezer for 10 minutes.

      > pop the crayons out of the cookie cutters and allow them to dry

      > overnight or

      > until hard.

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