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      Bath Buddies Soap

      1 Bar Ivory Soap, Grated
      Liquid food coloring, if desired
      Vegetable oil
      String (for soap on a rope)

      Pour approximately 3 cups of soap flakes into the bowl. Add 1 to 1 1/2 cups of water with a few drops of food coloring added to it.

      Mix the contents of the bowl with your hands until it becomes the consistency of play dough.

      To shape it, take a drop or two of vegetable oil and rub it between the palm of your hands, then shape any way you wish.

      If you want to make a soap on a rope, cut a piece of string and tie the ends together. Push the knotted end gently into the your finished shape.

      Let the completed soap stand to set overnight.

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      copied this and will be doing this, thanks

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      This would be fun to do with the kids!

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      Can you cut out shapes with cookie cutters with this? I see great gift basket ideas with these for kids!

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