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      I paid a little bit of nothing when I shopped at Publix yesterdaybecause I could double lots of coupons! I love saving more than you spend!!

      4 pk Apple & Eve Sesame Street juice 1.39
      .50/1 from Green Wise magazines(winter issue)

      Muellers Pasta BOGO:
      .55/2 insert from 1/4/09 Smartsource

      Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Dinner or Velveeta Shells & Cheese BOGO:
      Printable for: $1.00/1 Kraft Mac & Cheese dinner wyb Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese or Velveeta Shells & Cheese
      Print Your Coupon

      I Cant Believe Its Not Butter! (I bought the spray) BOGO:
      .40/1 insert from 1/18/09 Red Plum

      Yoplait Yogurt BOGO:
      .50/1 insert – sorry I couldn’t find which insert I had cut these from

      Birds Eye Voila! Meal BOGO:
      Printable for: $1.00/1 Birds Eye Voila! Meal
      Print Your Coupon

      Progresso bread crumbs: These were 1.19 ea.
      $1.00/4 Progresso Products Publix store coupon from insert 2/22/09 Smart Source
      1.00/2 Printable from Pillsbury

      Near East Rice Pilaf or Couscous BOGO:
      .50 /1 printable that I had printed a while ago

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      Great shopping and planning. I love Publix too, but usually only get the specials .
      a week ago I got 15 pillsbury cinammon rolls (small ones) they had on sale for $1 and used coupons to bring it down to $8 something then send off for the $10 Publix gift card. MM
      Got a rain check for 15 crescent rolls (small ones) also on sale but they didn’t have 15 in stock. Went back this week to get them and noticed a $5 coupon on a board that would give me $5 off when scanned at the register if I bought 20 participating products. The pillsbury products was on the list, I added 2 progresso soups (was bogo and I had 1.10 c for each) 1 progresso beans and 2 green giant boxed veggies (on sale for $1 and I had two .50 coupons) also had coupons for all the crescent rolls
      My total cost for the 20 items was $3.65 and I get to use the recipt to send off for another $10 Publix gift card. MM

      I actually ended up with them paying me to shop.
      I usually miss out on the super good deals, so I was real glad to have this one work out for me.

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      I think I need to move. I don’t have a Plubix…..

      Congrats on the savings!

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      Publix is great! But mine doesn’t double coupons unfortunately.

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      I missed that deal for the GC. I wasnt feeling well and to ask my DH to go and use coupons is like pulling teeth. You rock on all those sales and deals you got. For a long time i didnt know that ours doubled until i seen a lady in front of me ask to double check her order to make sure that the one doubled. Since then YEAH!!!!!!!i have been saving alot. I usually go when i have a coupon for the BOGO because my publix cuts the price in half so i could use 2 coupons for each product in stead of one. Although i have noted from my mom that on occasion she gets a better deal with the regular BOGO of buy one get the next one for 0.00. (She lives in Fl where as i live in TN) Im just happy to save.

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      I love the BOGO and using double coupons. I also have a Kroger and a Bi-Lo nearby that double. I recently learned that you can use a Publix coupon and a manufacturers coupon on the same product. More savings!!! Yeah!!!!
      Also call corporate (sorry, don’t have the #) and get on their home mailing list. They will send you their publications quarterly and they have coupons in them. It’s the same ones you probably pick up at the store, only those don’t have coupons.
      Every little bit of savings helps.

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      I am amazed at the savings that you guys do. whta do you mean by double coupons and what is Bogo? Thanks for your help

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      whta do you mean by double coupons and what is Bogo?

      BOGO is buy one get one free, super deal if you also have a coupon for a discount on the original price.

      Double coupons is when the store will take your coupon and whatever the face value is double it (example: .50 off coupon you will actually get 1.00 off)

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      Wow thank you. I need to pay attention more to what the articles say

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      LOL, if you aren’t much of a coupon user then you wouldn’t be aware of the tricks-Nice that everyone will share with us huh?! Some stores will only double on certain days so make sure you check your local stores so you know the right days to shop. I only have one store that will double and only coupons with a face value of .50 or less, still beats paying full price 🙂

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