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      Grandma, are these spammer posts jokes? If they are for real maybe that is why your settings are messed up? I also had my settings to recieve all posts and I get only a few a day and somedays I do not even get the daily freebies post. In fact for several days there was no daily freebies, whats up with that?

      The only question I got is why would someone do something like that? Is the girl who first suggested this “gather site” a spammer too? How do we protect ourselves when spammers hack a legit site?

      I enjoy reading the posts but do not reply often.

      Grandma Donna wrote: I’m confused. I’m set to daily digest but I can’t access any of the
      posts on the group. I only get the daily digest for the day.

      people can still read messages on the group itself. Any idea what’s wrong?

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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