My own experience with ADD, and some ideas that might help.

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      Wow, lots of interest in this subject! But it’s a complicated

      one…and this letter is long, but feel free to learn from my

      research. I’m a mom, not a doctor, but I’ve done some pretty

      extensive research on add, thanks to a teacher that pushed medication

      for my son, and a doctor who pushed no medication… and have come up

      with a few “no drug solutions” so to speak. i can say it worked for

      me and my son, don’t know about anyone else.

      like many, i have difficulty with paying attention, and my son had

      trouble doing things he didn’t like, even though they were necessary.

      we don’t act up, or cause any trouble for anyone, we just zone out.

      it’s called “passive add” but it’s very similar to other forms. any

      word would make a connection in our head and off we go, into another

      world of daydreams and memories. any noise would distract us. i once

      told one of my son’s teachers that he says the classroom is noisy, to

      which she responded “there is no talking in my classroom.” i’m sure

      she was right, but a sniffle or sneeze, a pencil dropping, a chair

      shifting…all of these noises are very distracting when one is

      working on something one doesn’t really enjoy, when one is wired to


      i think a great start is to look up giftedness vs. add on the

      internet. they have very similar traits, and one can easily be

      mistaken for the other.

      but don’t stop there, because knowing the difference between the two

      that won’t solve anything, and chances are, both are involved. they

      seem to go together like puzzle pieces.

      also look into left and right brainedness. “right brained children in

      a left brained world” was very reassuring to me. it explains

      different traits, and how to help right brained children “fit in”.

      i haven’t read it yet, but there’s a book called “teaching for the

      two-sided mind.” this makes me think i should pull that off the shelf

      and dig in.

      also, dr. mel levine has a book out “a mind at a time” that explains

      how different we all are, and offers advise on how to help children

      with certain difficulties.

      and yes, you could read up on add, asbergers, and autism if you

      aren’t finding all the right answers. they are all believed to be

      related, just different degrees of the same thing.

      that’s it for the books…now on to the nutrition. man hasn’t evolved

      as quickly as the industrial revolution, and we aren’t eating the way

      our bodies were evolved to eat. man evolved to eat wild game and

      fish, and wild plants, all without polutants. for the past generation

      or two, all we are eating is corn fed meat, corn syrup is in

      everything we drink and all snack foods, and not enough fish. all we

      are eating is corn, and it’s not grown naturally. yes, it’s grown in

      dirt, just like in the old days, but that dirt is fertilized with

      chemicals, processed in a building somewhere else in the country, or

      even the world. that corn is also fed and coated with pestisides. we

      are starving ourselves and our brains, not matter how much we eat.

      omega 3 is one nutrient that is missing in everything we eat now,

      that was in everything we ate a hundred or so years ago. It is

      believed to be beneficial for our bodies and our brains. It’s an anti-

      inflamitory, and it is a necessary fat. Without it, our brains use

      Omega 6 to coat the nerves, which is a harder fat, and impulses

      bounce off of it, and the receptors in our brains that it coats,

      leaving those impulses and thoughts bouncing around from one receptor

      to another…like in a pinball machine! No wonder my brain used to be

      so noisy!

      I have found that Omega 3 is a Godsend for both my son and I. After a

      month of taking flax seed oil, we both saw improvement (I didn’t want

      fish oil because of mercury, now it’s easy to find “molecularly

      distilled fish oil” which has contaminants removed, and is supposed

      to be better for the brain, while flaxseed is better for the body). I

      was able to do housework that I didn’t want to do. I asked my son if

      he saw any changes, and he replied nearly the same way…that he was

      able to do schoolwork he didn’t like, that a month ago he found

      excruciating to work on, simply because it was boring. And after a

      few months, the classroom seemed quieter. My head is no longer filled

      with echoes of past conversations. And yes, Silence is golden! i am

      able to concentrate on conversations with little wandering, and am

      able to remember a topic if someone else wanders. and yes, there were

      times in the past that the world seemed “other worldly.” fortunately

      i knew someone with asbergers, and i could relate to him in many

      ways…the tone of voice, the cadence or rythem of speech, some

      manerisms, etc. it led me to ask about the relationship between add

      and asbergers, and yes, they are related. those feelings and

      manerisms surface only rarely these days, in moments of very high


      also, you might want to look even deeper into diet: there are so many

      additives in food these days. we are “preserving” ourselves every

      time we eat.

      or just certain foods may trigger a reaction: for me, a milkshake

      will send my mind spinning for a few hours. it must be the sugar or

      something else in it, ’cause i’m fine with a glass of milk, though

      dairy is supposed to cause problems in some. chocolate makes my fil

      act crazy and angry. i knew someone who said her daughter couldn’t

      even wear a red dress because the red die in food and clothing made

      her lose control of herself. when she quit the red die, her daughter

      was fine. i’ve found the book “the raw food detox diet” is fairly

      simple to read and not too hard to follow. following that, or it’s

      rules of thumb, would quickly help you determine if diet is the

      culprit of any problems. then slowly add a few things here and there,

      noting any reaction.

      sorry this was so long, but it’s a very complicated subject. it’s

      taken me 7 years of nearly constant research to find out what I’ve

      offered in the form of a simple letter. But keep in mind, research is

      key. Modern medicine has helped my brother with his ADD, but it isn’t

      the answer for everyone, in fact, it has led to abuse with some

      people. Medicine is still a “practice” because doctors are still

      practicing. There’s a lot of information out there. Most of it is

      right. And all of what I’ve offered can be found in local grocery

      stores. I never buy any of this stuff from the internet…ya gotta

      know your source!

      Good luck!

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