My own experience with ADD, and some ideas that might help.

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      I’m responding to multiple posts but not in order, (sorry about that!),

      >>No TV, no computer, no games, no friends over, no going to friends, whatever he likes to do, he loses it–for a week–and spends the weekend in his room if need be. And it will take a week (the report from the teacher) before he has another chance to earn something. You cannot and must not take his word for anything (regarding this problem).<< He doesn’t get computer time unless its strictly for homework, no games, he could care less about not having any friends. The only thing that he would see as punishment is if I wouldn’t allow him to Read. >>If need be empty out his room of everything except the bare minimum–bed, nightstand, dresser. Everything!!! else goes!

      Allow him to earn them back with very high standards–and immediate loss for any sliding back.<< We did that, and he went 3 months without any of his crap, his response, “Mom, thanks for cleaning my room”. >>There is nothing wrong with this boy but laziness (I know–I went through this in second grade with my son). Holding him back will do no good and I’d be surprised if the schools did it. My son still does not enjoy school (we homeschool now) but he does it because he has decided to bite the bullet and get it done.<< That’s pretty much how my husband feels. >>You say you are sitting down every night and forcing him to do this homework. You are doing him no favor. You are doing the work for him and saving his butt from the consequences.

      << he gets demerits in school when he fails to turn in his work, after 10 demerits, he earns an in-school detention, where, the Morons running the school stick him in a room, alone, with NOTHING but a Single book. Which, to this child, is Not a punishment. He would prefer to spend the day reading rather than , “listen to his teacher run her mouth all day about stuff he doesn’t care about”. My husband and I sat him down and told him that he has to live here until he graduates from high school, whether he is 16 or 26. >>You say you cannot motivate him. Motivation will have to come from within, when he learns that his choices (whether or not to do his school work) come with consequences.<< He doesnt seem to mind the consequences, and I, in the meantime, am going out of my mind. >>well, my oldest is more add, without the hyperactivity. we joke that she’s hypoactive lol.<< lol, he’s hypo active all right, if it doesnt involve a book or videogame, he’s not going to do it without a cattle prod. >>but if you have moved somewhere that he is too far and too much trouble to get him involved in sports, that has him in a school where you can’t push on his behalf without fear of getting kicked out (and where he’s failing anyway i might add), where your work schedules and finances can’t get him summer school etc. etc. etc.

      then a lot of the problem is coming from your home. you need to stop “considering” with moving and get the heck out of dodge like… yesterday.

      << well, when we moved here, the school was located 6 houses away. Then, the fools decided to close the school and the nearest one was 5 miles away, then, they again decided to “consolidate to save money”. So we put him in a different district that was only 5 miles away. in the opposite direction, The factory (the only source of work around for miles) closed and so that district alsoconsolidated.
      Unfortunately, there aren’t any private schools around and the public schools here are a joke, it’s more like a sheep farm.

      Selling is all fine and good, but the average length of time for a house to sell in this area is 16-24 MONTHS. So we’re looking at this nice long term problem of what to do with ds in the meantime.

      I’ve had him tested for learning disabilities and they come back and say it’s Just a bit of dyslexia & he’s over the hurdle because he can read. I spent 7 years fighting to get him diagnosed.

      Thank you all for your responses, I really appreciate all your help. I will look into some of the options that have been offered on list! 🙂


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