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      Congrats! I’m sure that God will work it all out.



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      Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 7:38 AM
      Subject: : My news – not the least bit frugal

      Hello all,

      My non-frugal news… I’m pregnant with #6, extremely unexpectedly. I’ve gotten rid of every baby thing I ever had except the toddler is still in the crib right now.

      Talk about a shock!

      Baby will be making its arrival sometime in December.

      Don’t get me wrong, of couse I am excited and babies are always a blessing in my opinion.

      We’ve been working on trying to pay down debt while at the same time trying to pay for necessary renovations on the fixer upper we downsized to. Wish us luck!

      mom to 3 boys (13, 9, 4)…
      2 girls… (2, 1)
      and one to be announced…

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