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      My first four babies had a baby bed and they did use it some but mostly they

      slept with us. I did nurse them and it was just easier to have them in bed wth

      me. When Luke came along Jake was almost three and we had put the baby bed up

      and just didn’t bother getting it back out. We needed the room anyway. Cole

      was born five days before Luke’s 2nd birthday and I was concerned that we would

      have two babies in bed with us. But it wasn’t a problem. Cole was born in our

      home at 6:30pm. At 10:00pm all the kids came in our room to kiss me and the

      baby goodnight and Luke went right with them off to bed. I don’t remember which

      big sister he slept with that night but he just understood that the new baby

      slept with mama and daddy and he slept with the big kids. This is funny b/c all

      of my kids weaned themselves from the breast except Luke. I weaned him at 16

      months b/c I was pg with Cole. Boy, do I miss those baby days.

      My girls were more rebellious than my boys but my girls remind me that I was a

      lot stricter on them than I am with the boys, meaning the boys haven’t had as

      much to rebel against. Which is true, b/c I Iearned to loosen up and enjoy the

      ride. Ya know like in the movie Parenthood when the mom says “I happen to like

      the roller coaster!”

      Annette in Alabama

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      It’s been so long ago I don’t remember what it stands for but it’s where as

      babies they sleep with you until they say they are ready for their own bed.

      They are nursed instead of having a bottle pretty much you let them guide you

      as far as when they are ready to move on so to speak,

      Oh I was thinking yours was a lot younger than that for some reason. I only

      have two boys and right now I’m having so much trouble with the youngest I’m

      wishing he was a she as it seems like I could deal with the stuff going on

      better. Oh and he’s 18.


      On 7/22/08, annette lisenbe wrote:

      I don’t know, what is an AP parent? But, as for your 2nd question, boys are

      definitely easier. My girls are 27, 25 and 21. My boys are 19, 16 and 14.


      — On Tue, 7/22/08, Candy wrote:


      I’ve just got to ask. are you a AP parent?

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