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      I’ve recently began money-saving efforts in earnest. I would try to use common sense, but am now actively looking for ways not to spend money. I ‘ve been baking all our bread from scratch, and instead of buying protein bars for school snacks, am now making those as well. One way I’ve managed to save almost $60 a month is by hanging out our clothes to dry rather than using the clothes dryer.

      I have always done this in the summer, but have now continued into this fall, and cut our gas bill tremendously. Menu planning has helped- I now shop according to the weekly menu I set, and our grocery bill has already dropped about $200-300 in a month. I still have some refining to do, and little extras that add up, to cut out, but I’m getting there.

      I love all the make at home mixes and seasonings- all those things really do make a difference.

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      Awesome job thus far! I want to install a clothes line at our house. I miss being able to hang clothes

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      Great job Jenifer! Every little bit really does help. My husband doesn’t like sun-dried clothes for some reason, but I’m curious how much it would save.

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      Well done Jenifer, I always get excited when I find a new way to save money. Have you tried making your own laundry detergent? I make the liquid detergent and it works just as well if not better than store bought detergent and it is so cheap to make.

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      wtg!! that is awesome! i always said i wanted to save and do the things you have implemented…

      you rock! i have started to do some of the things you mentioned also… and it is saving money!

      as someone else said in a reply to you… every little bit helps!! good job !

      someone mentioned myo laundry soap… that is a huge savings here! i made it and it is great stuff!

      keep it up!!!

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      Re: my money saving efforts
      I have a list of birthdays that I buy for through the year/Christmas and try to either make something as presents, great if you are into crafts or you could perhaps make biscuits and give them in a decorative bottle or tin. I also have a designated shelf in the cupboard where I store presents for those times that you get asked to go to something and it is off pay week…. or just hard going with bills etc.

      I have made slipper socks, hand puppets, mittens and scarfs, covered coat hangers, knitted ties, dishwasher cloths, jumpers or cardigans for smaller children and popped these on one side for presents at a later stage.

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      Amalgamate….maybe you could everyone’s clothes except hubbies and the sheets on your bed. Still would be a savings.

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      I love the homemade laundry soap. I started out doing the liquid, but now I make the paste kind and I love it. Been making my own for 2 years now.

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      Menu planning is a tremendous way to save and to eat healthier at the same time. Great job, Jennifer!

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      Congrats Jennifer!! I need to start doing the meal planner on here and doing some MYO. It’s just me and hubby.Wish I could hang clothes out also.

      My Nanny hang the clothes year round.

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      Have you looked into any of Dave Ramsey’s content? I don’t like that you need to pay for a majority of his content, but some of it’s free.

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      try looking for Christmas, birthday and special occasions gifts at thrift stores and garage sales. I buy Christmas cards at thrift stores for a quarter of what they cost retail.

      Put your clothes on the spin cycle a few times to get as much water out of the clothes as possible and they will dry faster on the line or in the dryer.
      Put dark window tint on your window’s and put this on your window’s to reduce the amount of sun in the hottest room in your home. You can buy these at some discount stores, and sporting goods stores. I treat these like curtains, but they are delicate and they will tear easily so treat them with care.

      I put these on the window’s I have the dark limo film on

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