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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans My menu for the week

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      This’ll be my first real post here. Figured I’d jump in and start by sharing my menu for the week.


      Monday: was creamed chicken on toast (like sos but with chicken)

      Tuesday: chicken and rice soup (from the same chicken that has lasted 4 days)

      Wednesday: Pinto Beans and Cornbread; greens

      Thursday: Beef Enchiladas, Rice (Leftover from Tuesday, seasoned to taste like taco bell’s; Refried Beans (Leftover from Wednesday)

      Friday: Pork Chops (from my angel food box) and Praline Sweet Potatoes

      Saturday: Turkey (from my angel food box) with dressing, glazed carrots

      Sunday: Steak (from my angel food box), mashed potatoes, and green beans

      Pancakes, Orange-Cranberry Scones, Oat Bran cereal (hot), Cinnamon Rolls, Waffles, Quiche —-all homemade from scratch for pennies each

      Mostly leftovers, but also: Hamburger Steaks, Tuna Mac, and Vegetable Lasagna Rolls

      Applesauce, crunchy veggie sticks, from scratch chocolate pudding, “Orange Julius,” fudge made with butter beans, apples, oranges, raspberries (on sale for $1 this week), sugar cookies, and any leftovers.


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      Thanx for posting I love looking at other people menu’s because it always gives me wonderful ideas !!!

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      Great first post DohDohBird! Keep posting! 🙂

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      Those meal ideas are great!!! That helps me alot too…thanks!!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans My menu for the week